Artisan – Vis Art

Here’s a treat for the visually appreciative audience.

  Charges Collectionby Diane Babcock

These drawings are taken from the book ‘Charges – answers from the universe’.

They depict  feelings by way of  characters in obvious actions…as in ‘Blow Bubbles Any Way You Want’.

Linoleum Collectionby Diane Babcock

Art is totally “In the eyes of the beholder”.

For example, how do most people look at a piece of linoleum?

If  you’re an artist you already know the answer…if you’re not there is a simple lesson included here just for you…to stir your own artist inside.

That’s Artby Ken Babcock

A local painter with his own inimitable style in technique, color and texture.

Here you’ll find diversity in paints, tools, canvas, and depth of perception. because he would paint on anything from a canvas to a piece of plywood.

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