60. Latest news from Africa | 61. For Queen Victoria’s 81st birthday
62. La grippe | 63 Lines on a 50th wedding anniversary

60. LATEST NEWS FROM AFRICA – Antrim Farm – March 6th, 1900

A tale has come from Afric’s shore
Midst mauser crack and cannon roar
That Britons, as in days of yore
Ne’er quailed nor faltered
By Kopje’s hill or sandy veldt
Where dust and heat is sorely felt
Our boys, the boastful Boer has dealt
A blow that makes things altered
Canadian lads have led the van
We knew they’d never flee, but stand
And fight for flag and Motherland
Or die, as some have died
So full our hearts with pride and pain
We cheer the living, praise the slain
For deeds they’d gladly do again
And other deeds besides
Canadian mothers weep to-day
For sons who were their pride and stay
Whose lifless forms lie far away
In Afric’s Golden Sand
And mothers ‘neath the Southern Cross
Around whose shores the wild waves toss
Weep with our own in their sharp loss
In far-off Southern land
The Motherland from cot to hall
Shed tears for noble sons who fall
Who answered to their country’s call
To show their country’s might
We’ll pray for blessings on the cause
That all may have the same just laws
May British never make a pause
Till past wrongs are make right

61. FOR QUEEN VICTORIA’S 81ST BIRTHDAY Antrim Farm – May 24, 1900

When morning’s sun with golden beams
First streaks the eastern sky
We hear the beating of the drum
And there a flag floats high
And as the orb of day ascends
We hear that same loved lay
“God Save the Queen” is sung by friends
Upon the Queen’s birthday
It’s three and sixty years ago
A youthful maiden fair
Came to the throne, received a crown
And still she’s sitting there
This earth has never seen the like
Go search where’er you may
Of all these three and sixty years
This is the greatest day
She had gained a place in every heart
Throughout her vast domain
Not only o’er her people rules
But in their hearts she reigns
All rulers sure can learn of her
Why — she’s a great success
A faithful wife, a mother true
But queenly none the less
One thing has helped our noble Queen
With home and nations cares
And that one thing we all have seen
Is a nation’s stream of prayers

And prayers ascend from Afric’s shores
Where lances flash and gleam
Midst battles rush, and cannons’ roar
Arise, “God Save our Queen”

62. LA GRIPPE – Antrim Farm – December, 1900

So you have had that freak disease!
Now you crow
And your joyful heart release
So you blow
For, to hear us cough and sneeze
Loud and long on every breeze
Or in our bed to wheeze
That I know…
Well, I took a quinine pill
Now I crow
And it made me free from ill
Then I blow
For I always hungry feel
Never miss a good square meal
Often to the pantry steal
This others know…
Now don’t you ever tell
That I crowed
Nor how quick that I got well
And then blowed
For Jack would surely say
“He would not feel quite so gay
But in his bed he’s stay
Don’t you know”…
Now the laxative quinine pill
Makes you crow
So you really can’t keep still
This I know
Just take one whene’er you eat
And when you go to sleep
You will never hear a peep
Don’t you know


When evening comes with drawn blinds
Another eve you oft remember
That day is ever in your minds
It is the ninth day of December
Two loving hearts were then made one
To trot along in life together
The splice that day had been well done
That stood for fifty years the weather
A son of Erin, kind and true
There are none will say aught else I’m sure
Depended on as a true blue
Is this same Robert H. McClure
A glorious name his birthplace bears
Where’er the cloud of battle looms
Whatever man can do and dare
Is always done by her dragoons
So fifty winters with their snow
Have covered up our bleak brown earth
And fifty springs, with flowers that blow
Each spring renewing signs of birth
And fifty times the summer’s sun
Has warmed the earth that man has tilled
And fifty times has autumn come
God’s promises each year fulfilled
‘Tis not to every man and wife
That fifty years should come and go
Without they share the ills of life
Often of joy, but some of woe
No vain regrets have filled your hearts
But peace and love have dwelt secure
Each one has felt the other’s smart
And borne it patiently I’m sure
And thoughts will turn to days of yore
As on the winding banks of Erne
When playing by the cottage door
Or skipping through the fields of corn
And to that day a long farewell
To home and friends you held so dear
Your inmost thoughts you dare not tell
But only dropped a boyish tear
The never-ceasing wheels of time
Have left their mark upon your head
Dark bushy locks that looked so fine
Are white and scattered now instead
So smooth and calm your youthful brow
And bright and sweet those eyes of blue
But on those brows are wrinkles now
And dim those eyes though still as true
Now stand and clasp each other’s hand
As fifty years you did before
A bright and joyous merry band
Is gathered as in days of yore
And pray for blessings on the pair
That has so far through life now trod
That they may reach their heaven so fair
Accepted in the sight of God

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