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As a Vancouver Island girl born 1955 in Comox, BC, the ocean air was my first breath and the beach is my favourite place to be.

The eldest of three girls in my primary domicile surrounded by distracted divorced parents made me overly responsible from an early age. In those days my fantasy world revolved around books about wonder and magic, myths and legend, and Nancy Drew. Now it revolves around video games of those same genres and lots more.

As for my career, Diane-of-all-trades may sound far out, but seriously I have worked at almost every occupation out of necessity or curiosity. At one point I had to list them all and I still can’t believe it either, but it did make for a very interesting evolution into my current position as business owner in the desktop publishing industry. And, it’s a good thing writing is my passion, because I have lots to write about when I scan the global landscape for my view of the world.

Total freedom from all responsibility came to a peak when I was dragged with no desire to accompany a girlfriend to Australia in 1979 on a two-month visiting visa. It didn’t take long for the money to run out, so I took the only waitress job available at the employment agency that was 250 miles inland from Brisbane in a small town called Roma. After a month I had to enough to travel to Cairns by train and so off I went. When the time came to return home I decided at the last minute to forfeit my ticket and stay in Australia, which then made me an illegal immigrant for the next year – but, that’s another story.

By 1981 I was back home and in Nanaimo when I found myself in the situation of being a single parent of one son after a broken marriage engagement. The birth of my son, Tyler, was an ultimate highlight for me and it also propelled me into being a better provider with even more responsibility – which was a good thing.

Over the next several decades I spent time being a career mom from head waitress to office manager to business owner and serving my community from Beaver leader to RCMP auxiliary to activist. Another highlight of my life came in 1987 when computers were introduced into my world and I ran out and got my first DOS system. That eagerness to learn all about them opened many doors to higher paying jobs where I could advance my bookkeeping, writing and organizational skills – and that was just the beginning.

I feel very fortunate to be living in this age of computer technology that affords such grand degrees of learning opportunities, especially with my innate curiosity. I was once told that I had so many obstacles in my life because I am a seeker of the truth, which makes total sense when you consider the countless irrational beliefs imposed on individuals by family and society.

The greatest truth I want to know is about me; what I like, what I believe, what works for me to create happiness and abundance and what I can share with the world. Sometimes I think life really is too short to accomplish everything I want to, but in reality it’s too short not to be happy in whatever I do.


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